Quest of a Hemisphere (downloadable PDF files)

Quest of a Hemisphere was written by a California school teacher proud of her country and its heritage. Donzella Cross Boyle went to work writing Quest of a Hemisphere during the late 1950s after becoming fed up with anti-American textbooks. So many of the texts in use at that time rewrote American history, particularly from a Marxist viewpoint or one that disparaged our heritage. By contrast, Donzella’s history was taken from original documents, diaries, newspapers, and journals of the day.

The author’s frustration with anti-American texts was shared by many private schools and by the growing number of homeschooling parents who had rejected the government schools. Many subsequently embraced Quest of a Hemisphere. Because of the continuing shortage of high school texts that can be trusted to teach honest American history, a steady demand for Quest of a Hemisphere, persisted for many decades.

Even though many would love to see this classic text updated to cover the history of recent decades it is still a valuable educational resource for the majority of American history up through the first part of the Nixon administration.

Robert Welch University is pleased to make this classic presentation of honest American history available to homeschooling parents, and even private school classrooms if they so wish, at no charge.


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